→ Beams: Wide range of dimensions up to HEM 1000 and IPE 750 W-UB-UC-HD-HP-UPE. . . more than 50,000 tons!

European sections
→ IPE European beams with parallel flanges
→ IPN European beams with unparallel flanges
→ HE European wide flange beams
→ HL European extra wide flange beams
→ HD European wide flange columns
→ HP Wide flange bearing piles
→ UPE Channels with parallel flanges
→ UPN Channels with unparallel flanges
→ L Equal and unequal leg angles
→ FL Large flats
British sections
→ UB British universal beams
→ UC British universal columns
→ UBP British universal bearing piles with wide flanges
American sections
→ W American wide flange beams


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